«Marzaduri Marco Roberto Maria, known for the investigation of Report on Rai 3 “An Italian in Panama”, also called “Panama Papers 2”, donated 100.000 euros to the Ukrainian government explicitly for military defense against the invasion by Russia.

Thanks did not take long to arrive from the Ukrainian general staff to Marzaduri. But also an appeal from the Ukrainian government to search engines, especially Google, not to show false or defamatory content against Ukraine and its supporters.

In fact, Marzaduri himself, as an IT engineer, has been called several times as a forensic legal expert or as a Cybersecurity professional by various supporters of Ukraine precisely for hacker attacks and defamation, something from which unfortunately not even Marzaduri himself is exempt.

And this was also affected, according to a Facebook post by Dr. Marzaduri, by the transfer of a Registered Trademark that he inherited, valued by Trademark and Patent Appraisers at over 4 million Euros".

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