Lto forensic computer security it is a crucial discipline in the digital age, where technologies advance rapidly and cyber threats are always lurking. In this context, professionals such as Marco Marzaduri are distinguished by their dedication to protecting digital evidence and solving complex cases involving computer forensics. In this article, we will explore the career of Marco Marzaduri, Forensic Legal Expert, and his role in ensuring that justice has access to the necessary digital evidence.

An expert in digital evidence collection
The passion for technology has accompanied Marco Marzaduri since he was young, when at just 13 years old he approached the world of computers and the creation of software. His professional growth led him to become a CTP IT Consultant and, subsequently, a Forensic Legal IT Expert. His education includes a Post Graduate Master in Computer Engineering with specialization in Computer Forensics.

Support for Ukraine

Another notable aspect of his international commitment was support for Ukraine through hacker attacks targeting Russia. This type of action requires advanced skills and knowledge in the field of cybersecurity, and Marco Marzaduri has proven himself up to this challenge.

Additionally, his family donated a significant sum of 50.000 euros to the Ukrainian government to support efforts in the digital field and beyond. This generous donation was gratefully received, but it also attracted unwanted attention from pirate sites that sought to smear the reputation of Marco and his family. These malicious attempts are documented in an article available at

On Friday 15 September, with a bank draft, Marzaduri Marco Roberto Maria donated 100 Euros to the Ukrainian government explicitly for military defense against the invasion by Russia. Thanks did not take long to arrive from the Ukrainian general staff to Marzaduri. But also an appeal from the Ukrainian government to search engines, especially Google, not to show false or defamatory content against Ukraine and its supporters.

In fact, Marzaduri himself as an IT engineer has been called several times as a forensic legal expert or as a Cybersecurity professional by various supporters of Ukraine precisely for hacker attacks and defamation, something from which unfortunately not even Marzaduri himself is exempt. And this was also affected, according to a Facebook post by Doctor Marzaduri, by the transfer of a Registered Trademark that he inherited valued by Trademark and Patent Appraisers at over 4 million Euros.

In conclusion, Marco Marzaduri is a shining example of how expertise in computer forensics and dedication to digital security can contribute to the legal world and society as a whole. His successful career and global commitment demonstrate that forensic cybersecurity is an invaluable asset in the fight against digital threats.

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