Sample mandate for litigation (procura ad litem) updated to 2022 according to law


I, the undersigned, Mr. …………… (CF), born on……. in ………………and resident in ………… Street……………………….

I delegate the lawyer _____________, of the Court of ______ CF________________ PEC ___________________) mail: ___________________and I elect to represent, assist and defend me in this judgment as well as in any further status and degree and also in the execution and opposition phase customer's home at his office in __________________________________________, granting him for this purpose every widest faculty of law, including the faculties to compromise, conciliate, collect, renounce documents and accept their renouncement, be represented, assist and replace, elect domiciles, waive the right to appear. of the parties, summarize the case, continue it, call third parties into question, take an oath, propose counterclaims and precautionary actions of any kind and nature during the course of the case, request and accept reports, propose complaint of forgery and assuming from now on the work of the aforementioned lawyer as ratified and valid.

I declare that I have been informed, pursuant to art. 4, co. 3, Legislative Decree no. 28/2010, of the possibility of resorting to the mediation procedure provided therein and of the tax benefits referred to in the articles. 17 and 20 of the same decree, as well as cases in which the implementation of the mediation procedure is a condition for the admissibility of the judicial request.

I declare that I have been informed, pursuant to art. 2, co. 7, DL n. 132/2014, of the possibility of resorting to the agreement assisted negotiation by one or more lawyers governed by the articles. 2 et seq. of the aforementioned law decree.

I declare that I have been made aware of the risks of litigation and the degree of complexity of the assignment that I hereby confer, of the characteristics and importance of the assignment, of the activities to be carried out, of the initiatives to be undertaken, of the solution hypotheses and the foreseeable duration of the process.

I declare that I have received all the useful information regarding the conceivable charges from the moment of assignment until the conclusion of the assignment, as well as having received and accepted a written estimate relating to the foreseeable extent of the costs of the service, with an analytical distinction of the cost items between charges , including tax and social security, expenses, including flat rates, and professional compensation.

I also declare that the details of the professional insurance policy of the lawyer to whom I hereby appoint GENERALI ASS.NI SpA have been made known to me

I declare, pursuant to and for the purposes of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and subsequent amendments and additions, that I have been informed that my personal data, including sensitive data, will be used for the purposes inherent to this mandate, authorizing the respective processing as of now.

The present prosecutor for disputes is to be understood as appearing at the bottom of the deed, also pursuant to art. 18, co. 5, Ministerial Justice n. 44/2011, as replaced by Ministerial Justice n. 48/2013.

(Place) (Date)


seen, for authentication

(Lawyer _______________)

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