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With the help of special software, all types of data can be extracted from almost any device. By doing an initial reconnaissance we are able to determine the severity of the damage.


The devices we use, although very familiar, have a scientific basis and a way of functioning that most people are unaware of.


Our job is to have an in-depth knowledge of the scientific basis and functioning of each device.

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Professional forensic experience

Our computer forensic examiners collect and analyze data to discover and prosecute electronic fraud, scams and identity theft.

Internet of Objects

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies allow for improved security and environmental surveillance. They bring the benefit of cost reduction.

Mobile forensics

Each phone has various applications and contains a lot of private information of its owner. This is why it is essential to monitor and protect your device.

Forensic Video Recovery

Thanks to our knowledge of forensic video data recovery processes and our specialized skills, our team has recovered video data in cases where others have failed.


The protection of intellectual property in information technology is crucial in the digital age. Various security measures are taken to safeguard patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. These measures include data encryption to prevent unauthorized access, managing access through strong passwords and authorizations, protecting networks through firewalls and intrusion detection systems, and monitoring activities to detect breaches. The use of antivirus and antimalware software is essential to prevent cyber threats, while device protection and employee training help reduce human vulnerabilities. Finally, legal protection, such as patent registration and non-disclosure agreements, is a critical complement to ensuring the security of intellectual property in a digitalized world.


Forensic hard disk copy, CTU IT report
Forensic copy of RAID Server, CTU IT report
Forensic SSD copy, CTU IT expertise
Forensic Iphone copy, CTU IT expertise
Forensic Iphone copy, CTU IT expertise
Forensic Copy of Android Smartphone, CTU IT expertise
Samsung forensic copy, CTU IT report
Huawei forensic copy, CTU IT report
Forensic copy of smartphone with rooting, CTU IT expertise
CTP CTU Expertise Forensic copy (law 48/2008).
CTP CTU Appraisal Appraisals of IT systems.
CTU Description Unheard of alter party (party support).
CTU CTP Estimate of IT projects (on premises, cloud and hybrid – according to the principles of IT Project Management).
Computer forensic expertise on Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud hybrid and on premises systems.
IT forensic expertise Microsoft Azure and Office 365.
Computer forensic expertise Microsoft Exchange Server.
Microsoft SQL Server IT forensic expertise.
IT forensic reports Windows Server 2008 2008r2 2012 2012r2 2016 and Windows Server 2019.
CTU CTP Management IT expertise TeamSystem Enterprise Alyante.
CTU CTP Management IT expertise TeamSystem Gamma.
CTU CTP ERP As/400 management IT expertise.
CTU CTP SAP IT expertise.
CTU CTP Management Appraisals Method.
CTU CTP IT expertise Estimate of IT systems (on premises and cloud systems and services).
CTU IT Forensic Expertise Contractual Breach: verification of the requirements of the tender specifications
IT expertise Estimate of the value of a software (Software Life cycle) Estimate of the lower value of a project contract
IT expertise for breach of contract: verification of the requirements of the tender specifications.
IT expertise on unauthorized access to company systems and data.
CTU Art 2343 and Art 2465 Certification of conformity of IT Projects with respect to the technical specifications.
CTU CTP Protection of Software and Copyright: software plagiarism.
CTU CTP IT expertise DNS domain name dispute.
CTU IT expertise on theft and use of data in cases of unfair competition.
CTU IT expertise Responsibilities of the Registration Authority.
IT expertise Middleware SYSTEMS.
CTU CTP IT expertise Hospital and emergency room IT systems LIS, CUP, Hospital Information System (HIS). Electronic health record (EHR).
CTU CTP IT expertise Whatsapp Chat extraction.
Production of WhatsApp chats in Court via forensic assessment.
CTU CTP IT expertise for authentication certification of SMS messages and Whatsapp chats.
CTU CTP IT expertise for email and certified email authentication certification.
CTU CTP IT certification and authentication expertise Email.
CTU CTP IT expertise to disavow falsified certified email and WhatsApp messages.
Costs of a forensic IT assessment call 3929479500 for a free consultation.
IT expertise, forensic authentication certification of documents and digital files, diplomas, apostilles.
Certification PEC authentication and sending and receiving notifications
Web Reputation IT expertise with elimination of links from Google Search and private Web servers
Forensic IT expertise for Cyber ​​Crymes Internet crimes (phising, man in the middle, ramsonware, spyware)
IT expertise Crimes of duplication of credit and debit cards
IT expertise Crimes of child abuse and pedophilia
IT expertise Internet advertising fraud
IT expertise ATM fraud
IT expertise Paid parking meter fraud
IT expertise Fraud Bot Traffic and Botnet, identification of synthetic traffic, polymorphic protection systems
IT expertise alteration of time clock clock attendance detection. Fraud alteration of working hours, forcing of time clock systems clock punch time attendance detection badge.
IT expertise on unauthorized access to company and personal systems and data
IT expertise of unauthorized access to Google GMAIL accounts
IT expertise of sworn estimate of IT systems and systems Art 2343 and Art 2465. Contribution of goods in kind or credits.
IT expertise Certification of conformity of IT projects with respect to the technical specifications.
IT expertise Protection of software and copyright: software plagiarism, processes, sources, objects, GUI. Cloning vs Duplication; code-refactoring, reverse engineering.
IT expertise Protection of intellectual property: alternative products, competition, counterfeit products, counterfeiting of brands or technologies, misleading products. Counterfeit APPLE MFI
IT expertise Crime of forgery reconstructed on the basis of electronic documents.
IT expertise Crime of falsification of documents, files and images
Computer expertise Animal crimes analysis of video camera footage
IT expertise Crime of unauthorized access
IT expertise Procedures for disputes, disputes, resolution and reassignment of domain names.
IT expertise for environmental crimes
IT expertise Company Court GDPR DPO RDP Protection or violation of privacy.
IT expertise Company Court Judicial protection of company databases.
IT expertise Company Court Theft and use of data in cases of unfair competition.
Responsibilities of the Registration Authority.
IT expertise Company Court Website blackout. Provider responsibilities; responsibility of the maintainer.
IT expertise Company Court Minimum IT security measures for sensitive judicial health personal data.
IT expertise Crimes of possession and dissemination of child pornography.
IT expertise Company Court Phishing crimes.
CTU IT expertise Instrumental middleware in a healthcare environment. LIS, CUP, Hospital Information System (HIS), Radiology Information System (RIS), Computerized Patient Medical Record (EPR), Electronic Health Record (EHR) reports.
IT expertise Company Court preliminary CTU 696 bis cpc
– forensic techniques*-*
Expertise, Forensic Copy of Hard Disks, SSDs, partitions, volumes, files and directories.
Expertise, Forensic Copy of Smartphone and SD Card.
Expertise, Forensic copy in live forensics.
Expertise, Forensic Copy Microsoft, Linux, Apple, Android and other systems such as IoT.
Expert report, Forensic Copy Mobiledit, UFED, FTK, X-WAYS.
Expertise, Extraction and recovery of deleted data from Apple, iPad and iPhone smartphones.
Expertise, Extraction Recovery of deleted data from Windows Phone Smartphones.
Expertise, Extraction and recovery of deleted data from Samsung Android smartphones.
Expertise, Recovery of deleted photographs from computers and smartphones.
Expertise, Recovery of Deleted Emails from Outlook (PST and OST) and other repositories.
Expertise, Data Extraction from Clock Stamp and Card systems
Expertise, Slack Analysis and Free Space
Expertise, Metadata Analysis and identification of Original Files and Photos Camera ballistic
Analysis with GREP pattern
Deciphering WHATSAPP messages and other social networks
Decryption of Access MDB and ACCDB databases
IT expertise, Heuristic Analysis of Complex Data: Clustering, Neural Networks, Decision Trees, Identification of Associations.
Expertise, System Log Analysis
Forensic IT expertise, Ontological Analysis and Epistemology of data
High quality IT forensic expertise with Accuracy and Sensitivity analysis; reduction of false positives and negatives, increase of true positives and negatives.
Exact time IT expertise, analysis of date and time systems (NTP) on smartphones, mobile phones, computers and server systems.
Computer expertise exact time, clock punches work card.
IT expertise, Security log analysis of single and MFA multi factor authentication systems. Claim and Compound Authentication
IT expertise, extraction and recovery of deleted files (UNDELETING, CARVING)
IT expertise, extraction, recovery of deleted data and call logs from Android, Apple and Microsoft mobile phones
IT expertise, decryption services for Microsoft Office documents, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Zip files and other formats compressed and protected with RC4 or complex encryption technologies. SuperComputing: decryption, deciphering of highly complex Excel and Word files and documents encrypted with AES 128, 196 and 256 bits and beyond (NSA Secret and Top Secret encoded documents.
Web Reputation IT expertise identification of private images and videos on websites and YouTube.
IT expertise on trademark counterfeiting
IT expertise Analysis of Internet browsing traces of browsers, Browser History, extended Attributes. Safari, Internet Explorer Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc
IT expertise Analysis of Chat, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype and others
IT expertise Database Analysis Microsoft SQL, ORACLE, MYSQL and others
IT expertise for recovery of hard deleted items and emails from OST, PST, EDB, MBX, EML, etc.
IT expertise Analysis of the Windows Registry, MRU, LRU and installed software
IT expertise Analysis of the History Files of the last commands executed by the user.
IT expertise Android log analysis, Analysis of access to SDCard, /Storage/Extsdcard, microSD memory cards.
IT expertise identification of hidden or deleted partitions
IT expertise Illegal access to domestic and industrial WIFI networks
IT expertise Illegal use of public IP associated with ADSL or DSL equipment
IT expertise analysis of telephone records and telephone cells. Geolocation
IT expertise Google Account geolocation and recent activities
IT expertise Digital biometric analysis
IT expertise, Taxonomies
Computer expertise on image and video manipulation.
Data Mining and Mathematical Statistical and Heuristic Analysis of Telephone Records and Logs of BTS IMEI IMSI.
Computer expertise Identification of forensic categories of images (drugs, weapons, sexual, money, etc.) via Deep Learning


IT expertise is increasingly requested in legal, industrial and criminal contexts, especially to investigate the theft of company data. This type of theft often involves dishonest employees or partners and can be carried out with advanced techniques to erase digital traces. Businesses, even those with robust security systems, are vulnerable to these threats due to flawed configurations or outdated technologies.

Intellectual property protection is key, including business secrets, customer data and marketing strategies. Intellectual property protection, particularly in the software industry, is a controversial topic in many legal disputes.

In addition to digital data theft, there are various other sophisticated techniques for stealing information. Malicious data deletion is another danger to consider. A specialized IT expertise in intellectual and industrial property, including a proactive analysis of IT infrastructures, is crucial to ensuring robust protection. It is important for detecting and mitigating the risk of data theft, which can have serious impacts on the security and reputation of companies.


IT technical consultancy for secrecy measures in the civil sector is linked to article 98 of the Industrial Property Code. This article involves legal considerations but also requires an understanding of technical issues, such as authentication, digital identity and data protection. Secrecy measures are not activated with a simple button but are the result of the combination of files and configurations applied to company systems, including servers, computers and devices. Key issues such as system access, password complexity, data protection and access tracking are addressed. Protection concerns secret information, with economic value, subjected to adequate protection measures. Companies must constantly check and keep these measures active. Furthermore, it should be kept in mind that the configuration parameters are often known, but what matters is the specific configuration and its protection over time. The legitimate possession of company information and technical experience falls within the art. 99 of the Code, which allows third parties to be prohibited from purchasing, disclosing or abusing such information. The text highlights the risk of unfair competition when a company hires a key employee from a competitor and assigns him to specific customers. This action is seen as contrary to professional correctness and may generate an unlawful anti-competitive advantage.


Computer expertise plays a role of growing importance in the context of Italian criminal proceedings. This specialized field deals with the in-depth analysis of digital evidence, such as electronic data, online communications, and recordings, in order to provide clarity on legal and technical issues that arise during a criminal case.

IT experts are crucial figures, often appointed by the judge, to evaluate the validity of the digital evidence presented by both parties involved. These experts are responsible for ensuring the integrity of the evidence and identifying any irregularities, manipulations or forgeries. Cyber ​​expertise can cover a wide range of topics, such as the analysis of seized electronic devices, verifying the authenticity of digital documents, analyzing electronic communications and identifying digital traces that link an individual to a crime.

In the Italian criminal trial, computer expertise plays a fundamental role in determining the truth and guaranteeing fair justice. Its application is crucial in the digital age, where digital evidence plays an increasingly central role in many investigations and court cases. However, constant training of experts and compliance with standard analysis protocols are essential to guarantee the credibility of computer expertise and their effective use within the criminal process.


In recent years, there has been a notable increase in crimes known as "computer crimes" or "cybercrimes". These represent criminal offenses involving the use of information or digital tools and technologies, including applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram and Messenger.

To collect evidence from WhatsApp (or other social networks), investigators must follow specific acquisition procedures. These may include physical acquisition of the entire device memory, logical acquisition of a specific partition or volume, or a combination of several techniques. Encrypting WhatsApp data can complicate the process, requiring extraction of the Crypt12 encrypted database and key, as well as to the use of alternative techniques.

An important step is the forensic procedure to extract messages and data from WhatsApp, followed by forensic verbalization and authentication of the acquired data, to ensure its integrity and validity for legal purposes. Specialized tools such as Mobiledit Forensics PRO, Cellebrite UFED, XRY, Oxygen and others are used to acquire data from WhatsApp, but extracting evidence from WhatsApp can sometimes slow down the investigation, requiring additional measures such as rooting or the use of specific tools. WhatsApp is one of the most widely used applications worldwide, making it a focal point for digital investigations.

The forensic IT firm of Studio Marzaduri has a cutting-edge laboratory and is accredited by numerous prosecutors' offices, the Attorney General and Italian courts. The forensic assessments on WhatsApp data carried out by the firm are valid for legal purposes, in accordance with law 48/2008.


The sworn appraisals in the context of Industry 4.0 represent a fundamental tool for obtaining tax breaks and government incentives in Italy. This new industrial era is characterized by the integration of advanced digital technologies into production processes, promoting the efficiency and competitiveness of businesses.
To access these tax benefits, companies must demonstrate that they have implemented projects or investments in line with Industry 4.0 principles, such as automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), connectivity, data analytics and 3D printing. This is where sworn appraisals come into play. These documents, certified by a qualified expert, certify that the company projects comply with the technical and regulatory requirements established by law 4.0.

The sworn appraisals must accurately describe the details of the project, demonstrating how digital technologies have been implemented and what benefits derive from them. These assessments are then presented to the tax authorities as evidence of the company's eligibility for the tax incentives provided by the law. Tax breaks in Industry 4.0 can include tax deductions, tax credits and cost reductions for businesses that invest in technological innovation. Certified appraisals play a crucial role in ensuring that companies obtain the tax benefits to which they are entitled, underlining the importance of accurate implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies and their compliance with regulations.

In summary, sworn appraisals in the context of Industry 4.0 constitute an essential verification tool for companies that wish to take advantage of the tax breaks offered by the Italian government. These appraisals certify that technological investments and projects are in line with the requests of law 4.0, helping to promote innovation and competitiveness of the industrial sector in the country.


Sworn or sworn appraisals represent an important tool in the legal and technical context. These are documents drawn up by an expert, known as a sworn expert, who certifies the truthfulness and authenticity of the information contained therein. These documents are legally recognized and bear the seal of the sworn expert, giving them a special status.

The sworn reports cover a wide range of fields, from engineering and architecture to medicine, information technology, art and much more. They are used in legal proceedings, in contractual disputes and in situations where expert and impartial evaluation is needed.
These appraisals are particularly important as they are strictly regulated and binding. The sworn expert is required to follow a strict code of ethics and ensure the accuracy of the information provided. This gives confidence in the legal process and the validity of the evidence presented in court.

Sworn expert reports play an essential role in resolving disputes and making legal decisions based on reliable and competent data. Their official status and the expertise of the sworn experts help to ensure that the parties involved can rely on an objective and accurate assessment of the elements at play. In summary, sworn or sworn expert reports represent a vital resource for the legal system, ensuring that the knowledge and experience of experts are used effectively in resolving disputes and promoting justice.


Bank phishing is a form of online scam aimed at stealing financial and personal information from customers of banking institutions. This scam occurs when cybercriminals try to trick victims into impersonating their bank via fake emails or websites that appear authentic.

Victims are often contacted by emails or messages appearing to come from their bank, with requests to update personal information, such as account numbers, passwords or sensitive data. These messages can seem convincing and prompt people to provide their information without suspicion. Once cybercriminals obtain this information, they can access victims' bank accounts, make unauthorized withdrawals, or perform other fraudulent transactions. This type of scam is dangerous not only for the victims, but also for the reputation of the banking institutions involved.

To protect yourself from bank phishing, it is important to be cautious about suspicious emails and websites, always verify the authenticity of communications with your bank, and never share personal or financial information via unverified links or emails. Financial institutions often provide guidelines on how to recognize and prevent bank phishing, encouraging their customers to remain vigilant and informed.


The computer code underlying software, web services, feature libraries or software products is subject to legal protection through copyright, trademark, trade secret or software patent. This approach is critical to exercising tighter control over the use and distribution of software.

The software may become the subject of crimes such as theft of source code, plagiarism of the code, copying and rewriting for fraudulent purposes, or unauthorized use without a user license. Legal protection can be applied mainly through copyright and patent. It should be noted that trademarks, while important, do not guarantee the protection of the software code itself. Copyright recognizes the author's original works fixed in any tangible form of expression, initially considering software as "literary works". Copyright is effective in preventing illegal copying of software, and filing copyright with the Copyright Office is recommended for legal purposes. When you own the copyright in your software code, you can make copies of it, distribute it, make derivative works, and register the source code or display it in other contexts.

Software patent offers different protection, focusing on the idea or user interface. Unlike copyright, a patent protects the invention itself, preventing others from creating software programs with different code that perform exactly the same function. It is important to note that patents applied to software do not protect individual lines of code, as copyright does.

However, the challenges associated with software patents arise from the need to meet specific criteria, such as the importance, novelty and ingenuity of the application. Additionally, some things, such as abstract ideas, natural phenomena, and laws of nature, are not patentable. In the software patenting process, it is essential to demonstrate usefulness, novelty, and some sort of non-obvious innovation with respect to the field in question.


Forensic validation of digital data is an essential process in computer forensics, the main objective of which is to ensure that digital evidence collected during an investigation is reliable, accurate and legally admissible in a legal context. This procedure is critical for analyzing electronic data, such as files, logs, emails, and more, in forensic and investigative cases.

Forensic validation requires a rigorous methodology to ensure the integrity of the evidence. Key steps include collecting, preserving and documenting evidence, ensuring that no alterations are made to the original data. The use of specialized forensic tools and techniques is common in this context. It is vital that forensic experts follow legally recognized standards and protocols to ensure that the evidence collected is admissible in court. This involves the use of acquisition software,methods safe storage and documented procedures.

Additionally, forensic validation involves verifying the origin of evidence and tracing chains of custody, so we can demonstrate that the data has not been altered or compromised in any way. Validated evidence can be presented in court to support or refute legal claims, thus contributing to the search for truth and justice. In summary, forensic validation of digital data is a key process in the field of computer forensics, aimed at ensuring that electronic evidence is reliable, accurate and legally valid in investigations and legal proceedings. This practice is essential to ensure transparency and accuracy in the use of digital evidence in legal contexts.

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