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To date, Studio Marzaduri has participated in more than 100 cases, during which we have analyzed over 1000 devices. We mainly collaborated with lawyers and companies, and in some cases we were called to testify.

Our principles:

Customer understanding

Every problem must be addressed seriously. Studio Marzaduri guarantees professionalism for every type of problem.

The evidence is irrefutable

All cases are conducted with extreme rigor as if they will always face trial in court.

Proactive protection

Studio Marzaduri is committed to preventing digital threats before they can cause significant damage to its clients.

How we do our job

Professional forensic experience

Our consultants are experts in the field of cyber defense, ready to tackle the most complex challenges

Personalized solutions

We create security plans tailored to your specific needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Continuous Protection

We constantly monitor digital threats to keep you one step ahead.

Dr. Marco R. Marzaduri is a Computer Forensics (or digital forensics) consultant, accredited by the Ministry of Justice. As a computer forensic consultant he is available for private CTP assignments in judicial and extrajudicial computer forensic matters.

Marco R. Marzaduri has a Degree in Computer and Automation Engineering and a Master's Degree in Information Security, 40 International certifications as a Systems and Internet Engineer, E-mail and SQL server systems, Process framework best practices ITIL and Data Scientist.

Marco R. Marzaduri is qualified and accredited in Forensic Information Technology (Computer and Mobile Forensics) with registration in the 2021 register of Judges' Experts and Experts filed with the Civil and Criminal Court of Catania. He actively collaborates with many Italian prosecutors and courts.
In Milan, Rome and Catania he is CTU of the Company Court.

  • 6 Microsoft Certified professional qualifications issued by Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer
  • 1 Microsoft Certified Solution Associate WS 2016 + Azure (January 18, 2020)
  • 21 Exams and related specialist certifications of Microsoft / Internet / datacenter / cloud technologies (2013-2022)
  • 1 Microsoft Certified Trainer MCT and MCT a (renewed annually from 2014 to the current year 2023)
  • 1 Microsoft Certified MCSA 2017 (includes multiple individual exams)
  • 1 Microsoft Certified MCSA 2016 (includes multiple individual exams)
  • 1 Microsoft Certified MCSA 2016 – 2020 (January 18, 2020, the most updated Microsoft MCSA currently - includes multiple individual exams)
  • 1 ITIL v2 certification
    • -Microsoft T-SQL Certified (DAT201X)
    • -MS EXCEL Statistics and Probability (DAT206X+DAT222X)
    • -DATA SCIENCE (DAT101X+DAT203.1X)

Founding Member of Legal Informatics. www.informaticalegale.com
CLUSIT MEMBER (www.clusit.it)

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Our computer forensic services are cutting-edge and guarantee total security. Thanks to a lean and efficient operational structure, we offer you high-quality solutions at a surprisingly competitive price. Investing in your online security has never been more convenient.

IT consultancy at Studio Marzaduri is the first step in protecting what matters most. You will receive a detailed analysis of your digital environment, identifying any potential threats. We design tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring proactive protection. Additionally, we offer advanced data recovery services in case of loss.

Don't leave the protection of your digital world to chance. Contact us today for an IT consultation and live online with confidence.

Thanks to his work I avoided a big deal!

Thanks to the analysis conducted by Studio Marzaduri, I was able to demonstrate that I was not involved in the facts and not be involved in a lawsuit that promised to be long and expensive. Thanks for the excellent work done!

– Piero Artesi

Competent and reliable firm. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Studio Marzaduri during a long and laborious judicial investigation. I can testify that Marco's contribution was fundamental to the triumph of justice!

– Giovanni Marino

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